Subjects – Graphic Product Design Course

I semester

Packaging 2
Packaging printing
Marketing 2
Computer typography
Reproduction of the image information
Application of digital photography in reproduction media
Printing materials in conventional and digital printing processes
Bookbinding 2
Digital print
Selected chapters of quality management
Multimedia communications 2
Principles of applied photography
Technical editing and run management
Realizations of general solutions 1
WEB design 1
Communicology of graphic design
Applied photography 2*
Graphic design 3*

II semester

Packaging technology
Environment management system
Business and security printing
Surface phenomena on printing plates
CtP technology
Computer graphics
Photosensitive copying layers
Colour in digital environment
Workflow automation
Paper restoration and preservation
Graphic products design
Re-engineering in the printing production
Digital photography printing
Optical measuring methods of printing surfaces
Digital multimedia 2
Mechanical simulations in computer animations
Optoelectronic systems 2
Dizajn grafičkih medija 2
Realizations of general solutions 2
Packaging and technology
WEB design 2
Media communication
Art photography 1*
Design and environment*
Graphic design 4*

III semester

Packaging and environment
Marketing communications
Business communicology
Documents and securities graphics
Digital bases of printing standards
Introduction into the theory of experimental work
Writing of scientific and professional papers
Multimedia systems
Broadband network applications
Optimization of printing system
Quality control and assurance in graphic production
History of printing
Packaging and technology 2
Measurement methods in printing
Motion graphics*
Product design: case study *
Art photography 2*

* elective for Graphic Product Design Course

Design Vladimir Končar - Studio Revolucija
Development Davor Bagarić - Rebellis IT