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The Faculty of Graphic Arts makes part of the group of technical faculties operating within the University of Zagreb. It was founded in 1990, having evolved from the post-secondary School of Graphic Arts, founded in 1958. The post-secondary School of Graphic Arts and the Faculty of Graphic Arts were the first institutions of higher education in the field of graphic technologies in this part of Europe.

Short history

  • 1959 Graphic High School established
  • 1979 Graphic High School becomes a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb
  • 1986 Study program of Graphic Technology introduced
  • 1989 Faculty of Graphic Arts
  • 1992 Department: Design of Printed Products
  • 2000 Postgraduate Study Program in Graphical Engineering
  • 2005 Bologna Declaration

The Faculty of Graphic Arts, like every other member of the University of Zagreb, has entirely adapted its new program to that of similar institutions in Europe and the rest of the world, implementing their programs and adapting them to the specificities of the Croatian market. The obligations taken on by the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the Bologna Declaration were completely fulfilled by the Faculty of Graphic Arts, taking into account the rationalization and organization of teaching, the inclusion of students in the teaching process, the teachers’ approach and the use of instruments, equipment and other resources.

The Bologna process as implemented by the Faculty of Graphic Arts offers variety and a larger selection of students, as well as an incentive to exchange between members of the academic community, not only in Croatia, but in Europe, as well.

Design Vladimir Končar - Studio Revolucija
Development Davor Bagarić - Rebellis IT