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Undergraduate Study Course

The Undergraduate Study Course of Graphic Technology offers the students to choose between two study programs:


Length of study: 6 semesters – 180 ECTS credits.

The academic degree received upon completion of the program is Bachelor of Science in Graphic Technology.

The acquisition of basic and for graphic engineering specific knowledge and skills in the field of mathematics, physics, chemistry and IT-technology enables the students of the Study Program of Graphic Engineering to master the fundamental principles of the production flow in the graphic industry.

The specific knowledge and skills are acquired in core subjects such as: Materials in Graphic Technology, Printing Plates, Reproduction Photography, Typography, Printing Process, Bookbinding, Packaging, Organisation of Printing Production, Multimedia Communications, Marketing and Quality Control.

In addition to mastering the basic principles of the fields mentioned above, the students of the Study Program of Graphic Product Design gain essential knowledge and skills in the area of History of Visual Communications, Design Theory, Visual Arts Practice, Original Graphics, Photography, Communication Science and Visual Communications.

By displaying the competence to implement the skills and knowledge acquired and to benefit from them in everyday situations of work and study, the bachelors of the Study Program of Graphic Technology are well qualified in:

  • running and managing complex activities required by projects
  • accepting responsibility for decision making in real situations of work and study
  • accepting responsibility for professional management.

By integrating theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the students acquire competences to solve problems in the field of graphic technology. The level of competence in one of the fields mentioned depends on the study program and optional subjects that the student attended. On this level the bachelors of the Study Program of Graphic Technology gain:

general competences in:

  • solving problems by employing mathematical operations and logical thinking
  • professional communication in standard Croatian
  • professional communication in a foreign language, managing their own learning processes and further education
  • making use of information and communication technology
  • entrepreneurship and creativity, constructive and efficient contribution to the society and participation in civil life.

specific competences in:

  • graphic prepress, the actual printing process and postpress, multimedia technology and designing of graphic products, as well as the media of graphic communication

The B.A.s in Graphic Technology are qualified to work independently in all segments of graphic industry. The acquired competences allow them to manage the graphic production, i.e. any segment of the process (prepress, press and postpress) and to carry out the tasks related to the design of modern media of graphic communications, publishing art, packaging, graphic management, paper industry and  a wide range of professions related to multimedia.

A bachelor in Graphic Technology is entitled to the admission into the Graduate Study Course of Graphic Technology. Admission criteria to other study programs are set by the organising institutions.

Design Vladimir Končar - Studio Revolucija
Development Davor Bagarić - Rebellis IT