In the year 2010 the education system of the Republic of Croatia introduced a standardized state graduation exam on the national level.

Registration for state graduation exam, as well as application for admission to faculties are carried out via the national information system of applications for universities (NISpVU), which is accessed via the web page www.postani-student.hr

The state graduation exam is mandatory for pupils within grammar school educational programmes, whereas pupils of vocational schools can take the examination optionally, in case they want to continue their education at a university level.

The ranking of candidates having applied for study courses at different faculties in the academic year 2010/2011 is based on the results of the state graduation exam. For candidates who apply for the Undergraduate Study Course of Graphic Technology:

  • Study program of GRAPHIC ENGINEERING – the results achieved at the state graduation exam are a relevant ranking factor;
  • Study Program of GRAPHIC PRODUCT DESIGN – an assessment of special skills and aptitudes will be carried out as an additional admission requirement. Information on the method, requirements and date of this additional admission procedure will be given in the Call for Applications for Study Courses, which is released by the University of Zagreb.

For additional information on the state graduation exam and application for faculty study courses, please refer to:

National Centre for External Evaluation of Higher Education

Portal of the National Centre for External Evaluation of Education

Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

Agency for Science and Higher Education

Applications for Study Programs Database

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