Studentsko natjecanje pod organizacijom Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA)

Student competitions will be held in both individual and chapter (group) categories, as follows:

I. Individual Competitions
A. Harvey Levenson Undergraduate Student Paper and Dusty Rhodes Graduate Student Paper Competitions. These competitions are open to students from any higher education institute but are limited to two submissions in each category from each school. The deadline for submissions here is January 18, 2021. For details, please see .

B. Student Poster Competitions for Graduate and Undergraduate students. There will be competitions for student posters in both Undergraduate and Graduate categories, where students create an A0-sized poster presenting their research. Judging criteria will include categories for Technical Writing and Poster Design. The due date for the poster submissions will be March 1, 2021. Please look for more details to follow.

II. Chapter (group) Competition: Student Electronic Research Journal.
Student groups from each educational institute are encouraged to create an electronic journal of student research for this prestigious competition. Each journal’s goal should be four-six technical articles, along with information about the student group that produced the journal. Judging categories will be Technical Writing, Publication Design, Ingenuity, and Impact. This competition is an excellent opportunity for students to show their understanding in producing a publication in the electronic space while taking advantage of the unique capabilities that electronic publishing offers. The due date for the student electronic journals will be March 1, 2021. To introduce themselves to the judges and provide information about their journal’s production, student groups will submit an introductory video to accompany their submission. Please look for more details in the coming weeks.

As the costs associated with producing a printed journal and attending an in-person contest will not be realized this year, this is an excellent opportunity to increase participation for these prestigious awards. As we move into the holiday season, I encourage you to set the groundwork now for submissions early in 2021. Again, we hope to see entries from around the globe, and please contact me with any questions or concerns.